Fikk en en smakebit av sjeleportrettet mitt idag;D


Kopi  fra mailen min:

Hi Malin,
Please find attached a soft copy of your soul portrait with the ''artists notes'' below. Any questions that you have on the image or the comments I have made in the notes just let me know!
yours in the creative spirit of God,

Artists notes for the Soul Portrait of Malin-

June 2009

These notes are simply the impressions that I observed whilst doing the Soul Portrait, your own interpretations of the composition may well be equally as valid, if not more so!

Looking at the portrait now (after completion) it looks like two roughly symmetrical mountains with pink and yellow crystal forms in the ground below, and swirling patterns in the sky above. It makes me think of some form of northern country, and gives me the impression that you are connected quite strongly to the spirit of the land in which you live.

If you look at the two yellow forms in the centre of the portrait, you can see that they look like pointed ears. Perhaps this indicates that listening is an important part of how your soul seeks to express itself on Earth? The ability to listen is not the most high-profile of abilities, as it involves the ability to be silent and receptive, rather than noisy. However, it is one of the most profound and deep of spiritual practices, and can be of great help, both in terms of finding your own inner wisdom, and helping others to resolve their challenges.

Three quarters of the way up the portrait there is a red and blue circle, which I think is an eye. Perhaps it symbolizes the unity of spiritual vision, as opposed to the dualistic / separative / fear-based vision that so many people are trapped in in their day to day lives?

From the eye a line of red light flows down to the bottom of the picture. Perhaps this indicates that if you work on accessing the single wisdom eye of your soul, then this will cause energy and direction to start flowing onto your day to day life on the ground level?

In the lower part of the picture there are two forms, one green and one magenta that look a bit like two sets of lips one on top of the other. It kind of gives me the impression that the two halves of the picture are communicating together, almost like there is a male energy on one side, and a female energy on the other side.


Utroligt flott bilde<3<3 Det ekte bildet er blitt sendt fra Singapore idag:)

Om dere ønsker et sjeleportrett spesielt for dere kan dere besøke hjemmesiden hans her:

Og her er mailen hans, der dere kan bestille selv:

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